Starling - Floating Glass Shelf - Clear Glass
The Starling Dimensions - 4 - 3/4" D X 27 1/2" L X 5/16" Thick • Features Clear Glass

2 Peacock Shelf Brackets Included with Each Shelf... Easy Installation
Shelf Brackets Available in Stainless Steel, Chrome Or Brass Finish
Clear Glass
$10.00 FedEx
3 - 1/2 LBS

• Recommended weight capacity 55 LBS
• Peacock Shelf Brackets... Stainless Steel, Chrome or Brass finish
• Screws to attach brackets to wall not included (since wall construction will vary)

One of the best looking ideas for bathroom shelving is the clear glass bathroom shelves. These are basically free floating glass shelves that have no wood, they look amazing and they are where the majority of glass shelving is going towards. They are generally made with a pretty heavy duty glass, so you aren’t going to get something that is flimsy and can’t handle what you are putting it on; however, it is very important that you always read specifications so that you know what you can put on them. But, these look great and clear glass bathroom shelves are definitely something that you should be considering if you are shopping for new shelving options to change the décor in your home.

With the clear glass bathroom shelves, you can buy all sorts of dimensions; you just have to find the one that fits the space that you have. Generally, they will hold about 55 pounds. Also, you will have some choices when it comes to the hardware that it is installed with. You can get chrome, brass, or a stainless steel bracket, so you’ll be able to match the feeling of the room that you are in. Once you purchase these clear glass bathroom shelves, you will need to go out and get the screws to attach the bracket, find ones that are appropriate with the material of the wall you are drilling into.