Ibis - Floating Glass Shelf - Frosted Glass
The Ibis Dimensions - 4 - 3/4" D X 27 1/2" L X 5/16" Thick • Features Frosted Glass

2 Peacock Shelf Brackets Included with Each Shelf... Easy Installation
Shelf Brackets Available in Stainless Steel, Chrome Or Brass Finish
Frosted Glass
$10.00 FedEx
3 - 1/2 LBS

• Recommended weight capacity 55 LBS
• Peacock Shelf Brackets... Stainless Steel, Chrome or Brass finish
• Screws to attach Brackets to wall not included (since wall construction will vary)

If you want to have something that is a little bit different than the shelving that everyone else has, you need to check out the options for the frosted glass bathroom shelves. These are something that are a little bit different and will give you a different look, but will also work as useful shelving. These frosted glass shelves are great for a bathroom and will look great and add a little bit to the room, plus you can put items on them and they are useful.

With the frosted glass bathroom shelf, you get a unit that can hold about 55 pounds of weight, and that is quite a bit for a glass shelving unit. When you order it, you’ll get to choose from 3 different bracket options, silver, chrome, and brass so that you can match the hardware that you already have in your bathroom. You will need to get your own screws because it depends on the material of the wall that you are drilling into as to what type you want.

With great choices out there for shelving it can be hard to decide which ones you are going to put in your bathroom. The frosted glass bathroom shelves are a great idea because they look great and they will add so much to your bathroom, check out the different styles and see which ones you like the best. With the options for bracket finishes, you’ll really enjoy the choices that you have and you’ll get a great looking shelf for your bathroom.